Juan Carlos Pino

JC, born in Venezuela, where he was exposed to a unique blend of cultures, races and flavors of the Caribbean, under a powerful influence from his parents. His father, a top executive of the oil industry and a nature lover with a military orientation, gave him the best education. His mother, a lady dedicated to her family and a passionate interior designer, gave him the knowledge about history of arts and styles. Both of them, supported an extensive traveling and an admiration for nature, and most important inspired him to be unique, and strive for the best.


As a boy, he remembers being seated at his desk, drawing and painting trees and horses. He thought every other child was doing the same. Later public recognition appeared when he won some contests for children that he casually found himself involved with. He showed a natural skill in painting that everyone from his family took for granted. His father had him take endless private music & sport lessons a side from his catholic school work, where he found the passion for equestrian and later lessons in business including international affairs. A formal education in painting was never part of his life so far. He had to follow his father's steps into the corporate world.

JC has been inspired constantly by Monet, Klimt, Modigliania and Leonardo da Vinci, making a blend of his own style.  He painted 190 canvases in the first year with a preference for peaceful views and close-ups of beautiful women with ethnic flavors and the light of goddesses . In just six months since his work became public he has started to receive great attention and very warm welcomes, even from his fellow artists. Now his work seems to influence everyone who comes in contact with it. His art is admired by many people who will sometimes wait for those special requests. A brush stroke is the start of everything and the feeling to be able to create beautiful things that didn't exist yesterday. He is now working on his own, trying not to be too academic, instead he is trying to be honest to himself. Learning from the master, but giving his personal approach to the description of light that they started 100 years ago.

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Sunday Hat 

Juan Carlos Pino



Juan Carlos Pino



Juan Carlos Pino

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La Menina 

Juan Carlos Pino

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