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Juan Carlos Pino

Juan Carlos was born in Venezuela, where he was exposed to a unique blend of cultures, races, and flavors of the Caribbean.  Highly influenced by his parents with extensive traveling and admiration for nature, Juan Carlos was inspired to be unique and strive for creativity. 


Juan Carlos has been constantly inspired by Monet, Klimt, Modigliani, and Leonardo da Vinci, making a blend of his own style. He is a prolific painter with a preference for peaceful views and close-ups of beautiful women emphasizing ethnic characteristics and majestic lighting.  His work has been well received and patrons of the gallery frequently comment.  


"A brush stroke is the start of everything and the feeling to be able to create beautiful things that didn't exist yesterday is what I live for".  Juan Carlos is true to himself. He is a student of the masters but has given his personal approach to techniques that originated 100 years ago.

Cascade 48x36.jpg

Juan Carlos Pino

Blue Roses Muse.jpg

Juan Carlos Pino
Blue Roses Muse

Fern Muse.jpg

Juan Carlos Pino
Fern Muse 

Left Pass.jpg

Left Pass
Juan Carlos Pino



Juan Carlos Pino

Mystic Muse.jpg

Mystic Muse
Juan Carlos Pino

Sunday Hat.JPG

Sunday Hat 

Juan Carlos Pino

La Menina.JPG

La Menina 

Juan Carlos Pino

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