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Bonnie Shanas

Bonnie Shanas is a visual artist, living and working out of her home studio in New Jersey.  Her sculptures are a figurative study of human expressions, stripped from any social context or background. They are intended to voice the universal language of unspoken gestures, which can embody vulnerable and powerful emotions alike. Bonnie works primarily in steel wire mesh, which she studied under the mentorship of noted artist, Shulamit Hartel, during her years living in Israel.

Bonnie’s work has been in national juried shows and invitational exhibits, and has won numerous awards and honorable mentions. Since 2012 she has participated in numerous invitational art residencies in Poland and France, where her work can be found in public collections, as well as private collections in the US and abroad.

Shoot For The Stars 34x36.jpg

Bonnie Shanas
Shoot For The Stars

A Morning Memory 30x32.jpg

Bonnie Shanas
A Morning Memory

Blue Skies Above.jpg

Bonnie Shanas
Blue Skies Above

Walking Through Her Thoughts 44x32.jpg

Bonnie Shanas
Walking Through Her Thoughts

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