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Sandra Soldo

Artistic creativity, and sensibility are deeply rooted in my whole being. My memories, dreams, every day experiences, all come out in vivid colors as spilled paint over the canvas. The art I create reflects onto the world

as I see it, as it made me feel at that given moment.  I choose to look at everything from the bright side.  I am not afraid to use color, and it comes out strong and bright.


Vivid colors are unifying my different collections and paintings compliment each other. I seek inspiration from , and in long walks in nature. Intuitively I work on couple of canvases at the same time painting many layers, until composition takes form. Observer is attracted by bright colors and pulled into compositions that are pure emotion in visual language. Fiction or fable story told from the heart, where figure is manipulated to make a statement.  For example, woman as a symbol for creative force of unseen energy, birds for innocence or horses as symbol of free spirit and freedom.

Landscape with Small Lake 36x36.jpg

Sandra Soldo
Landscape With Small Lake

Sundown 36x36.jpg

Sandra Soldo

Indigo Bird 24x30.jpg

Sandra Soldo
Indigo Bird

Purple Fig Tree 36x48.jpg

Sandra Soldo
Purple Fig Tree

Red Shadows in the Sky 24x30.jpg

Sandra Soldo
Red Shadows in the Sky

From The Garden.jpg

Sandra Soldo
From The Garden

Sunshine in the Pines.jpg

Sandra Soldo
Sunshine in the Pines

Abstract Botanical.jpg

Sandra Soldo
Abstract Botanical

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