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Carlos Solís

Carlos Solis was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela. At an early age he showed signs of an active imagination and a developing creative ability. He started painting murals and portraits when he was a teenager.   In 1989 he moved to the USA and began working as a freelance Artist/Designer in Atlanta. 


Carlos Solis started painting in a surrealist style in the mid-nineties, often drawing on imagery from nature, fantasy, spiritual and conceptual art.  "In the infinite world of my imagination, I tried to convey and stimulate the mythical and spiritual elements of visual expression."  His work clearly references Salvador Dalí, but he continually finds new fresh imagery in this style. 

Point of Origin II.JPG

Carlos Solís

Point of Origin

Elements of Love.JPG

Carlos Solís

Elements of Love

The Last Stand.JPG

Carlos Solís

The Last Stand

Enigmatic Dream .jpg

Carlos Solís

Enigmatic Dream

Looking Down My Dream .jpg

Carlos Solís

Looking Down My Dream

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