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Elizabeth Carrington

I am an Eco- Contemplative Artist, Teacher, and Guide. I live and work in Asheville North Carolina with my husband and children. My studio is in the heart of the River Arts District in beautiful Asheville and I welcome visitors.  My work is an invitation to remember, connect, love and praise life with Earth, our home. It is equally a commemoration for all we have lost. 


My work is inextricably linked to the natural world and our part in it. It has evolved over the years such that it feels second nature for me to create. My own art practice is a contemplative one, where I bring into the studio or out on the paths and woods of the mountains, a considered approach. Each painting for me is an emerging of many parts becoming. I am a part, my hand, my initial inspiration, my presence and state of mind as well as the environment around me, the grounds I am standing on, the pigments in my paints, the very air I breath shaping together to bring something that never was, into being. Making Art is a meaningful expression of aliveness, a deep noticing of life, its power and creative forces within us and around us. 


As an Eco Contemplative teacher and guide, I bring others into that experiencing, bringing an enlivened connection to their creative selves allowing confidence to go out to the edges of what is known, whether its a canvas, piece of watercolor paper, an Appalachian treeline or a field in Ireland. It is often there on the edge of something that something beautiful is waiting for you.


Leaving my homeland of Ireland and coming to America in 2013 brought me a keen awareness of the dislocation one can feel from the Earth beneath our feet. It was in wondering about how to acquaint myself with this new landscape that I recognized the immense value of making Art with, and in Nature and how this endeavor itself established a sense of interrelatedness and belonging. I had for years previous to this drawn the conclusion that Art making in some form was imperative to our living a fully human life. Art takes you into your heart. It has always been with us as long as we have lifted a piece of charcoal to a cave wall and perhaps long before that, an impulse to extend our creative force out of ourselves. My life and career is a practice in exploring art and life's interconnectedness.

Deet Wood Silence.JPG

Elizabeth Carrington

Deet Wood Silence

Anie's Calling.JPG

Elizabeth Carrington

Anie's Calling

Wild Edges.JPG

Elizabeth Carrington

Wild Edges

Through to the French Broad.JPG

Elizabeth Carrington

Through to the French Broad

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