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Jose Peña

Art making is the spark that fuels Jose Peña’s life. Working in his studio is a spiritual experience that allows him to connect with his soul, and work to represent the natural splendor of the world. After working with realistic, figurative work in the 1990s, Peña has embarked on new trajectory toward nonrepresentational abstraction. The vibrant colors and dynamic compositions reference are inspired by Peña’s memories of growing up in the Caribbean: the many blues of the ocean, the verdant forests, and the ever-changing sunsets.


In addition to acrylic on canvas, Peña uses myriad tools to achieve his visions, including palette knives, cloth nets, various hardware, modeling paste, and found objects. Regardless of the materials, Peña always pursues a spontaneous building of color and form, allowing his instincts to erupt on the canvas.

Jose Pena.Untitled 48X60.jpg

Untitled - Jose Peña

Jose Pena.Untitled 48X30.JPG

Untitled - Jose Peña

When The Earth Cries.JPG

When The Earth Cries - Jose Peña

Natural Instinct.JPG

Natural Instinct - Jose Peña

Sailing Into The Blue.JPG

Sailing Into The Blue - Jose Peña

Como la Flor.jpg

Como La Flor sold 
Jose Peña

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