Rey Vargas

Since I began my career as an artist, I have been through different directions with my art work from figurative to abstract​ expressionism. My paintings intend to be the true statement of my soul with a fresh look , so you can experience my inner expression. My artwork is not driven by any theory or concept, but, by the expression of the gestural inspiration that is found everywhere.​ I like layers, lines, and colors to be ​​in harmony with the visual forms of chaos, which surprisingly, lead to an apparent tranquility. This is a completely new period in my career. As an artist, I follow the path toward the experimental, in search for something more to say with my work.Time and memory, always play a key role in my art, perhaps because, I come from a country which has been isolated from the rest of the world.

African Cyclop.JPG

Rey Vargas

African Cyclops

Secret Air.JPG

Rey Vargas

Secret Air

Black Angel.JPG

Rey Vargas

Black Angel


Rey Vargas


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